Dunlewey Church

I eventually made a return trip to Dunlewey Church in Donegal where I shot a star-trail image a few years back in hazy conditions and always vowed to return. I teamed up with Martin McKenna on a clear night and we headed for Donegal. At the foot of Mount Errigal sits the old ruined Church of Dunlewey. The church was built in the mid 1800s of white marble and blue quartzite and with a little bit of moonlight looks great in a long exposure at night. We tried a few star-trails outside and inside looking straight up. The moonlight did a great job of illuminating the stonework and showing up the detail in the building. A few flashes of the torch along the doorway and inside completed the scene in the first trail.

These shots inside the church were only possible with the extreme wide angle lens, the Samyang 14mm

Later in the night we headed down to the lake and the fog was beginning to build at this stage. It actually came in so fast it caught us off guard and we had to wait until it cleared again before getting the shots we wanted. This first image was taken at 01:02 and the second at 01:04!

This last image I got as the fog cleared briefly before it closed in for the night and forced us to pack up, but we were happy and Donegal never disappoints.